Here is what is being said about John D. Schwandt

"John Schwandt's concert was everything I had hoped for to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the dedication of our CB Fisk organ Opus 98. Matchless musicianship was married with adroit dexterity that almost defied human comprehension. As expected, the improvisation was brilliant enough to class John among the great wonders of the modern world. If I could, I would have John return to play every recital at this church!" Robert Nicholls, Director of Music, First Presbyterian Church, Evansville IN

"His musical creativity is apparently limitless. Schwandt shaped the musical lines beautifully. His subtle use of the expression shades of the organ raised the performance to a new level." The Saginaw News, Gregory Largent

"He brilliantly used the full color palette of the Temple Theatre's Barton organ. Schwandt took us through almost every musical style imaginable. His musical creativity is apparently limitless. One of the many highlights was using "Mary Had a Lamb" as a fugue subject." The Saginaw News, Janet Martineau

"Now a fresh wind is blowing in tornado country as Dr. John Schwandt has joined the faculty of the OU School of music to lead an exciting new teaching program." John Bishop

"In his improvisation at the end of the program, such capabilities of artist and organ came to full bloom. I enjoyed his imaginative registrations resulting in a sound palette of many colors" - AGO Chapter Event Review

"His registrations, his control of the tonal dynamic and his use of ensemble builds and diminuendos all treated us to a variety of rich and beautiful sounds rarely if ever heard before." Dickinson Concert Review, Mark Dresden

" ...coordinators should bring back the gifted John Schwandt." The Post and Courier, Charleston, SC

"John is an excellent musician with what I refer to as electric fingers and toes. His extremely talented playing can send tiny shocks of appreciation all over your body. I haven't enjoyed myself so much in so long that I can only believe talent like his is rare." Silent Film at Piccolo Spoleto Spotlight Series, Overview by Allan Ontko

"With John leading, I could sing all day, for in him the art of hymn accompaniment is alive and flourishing." "It is no wonder John was the winner in Denver. This improvisation can rival anything found in Europe, and I look to hearing more wonderful things from the talented John Schwandt...." Allan J. Ontko, Ontko Pipe Organs, Inc.

"John Schwandt won the AGO National Competition in Organ Improvisation this summer by a first ever unanimous decision of the judges..." Grace Notes

"When John played there was a spiritual quality to the music; his playing reached theological and philosophical depth that went beyond the notes on the page..." "...his performance showed a quality one ascribes to Bach." Betty M. Diersen, Past Director of Music Marketing, Augsburg Fortress Publishing

" John has the most extraordinary sense of hymn playing. If you could see the faces of the congregation you would have seen a group of worshipers enlightened and lifted by his leading of the music. The scriptures and texts were matched with improvisations and accompaniments in an emotionally charged and yet seamless way that gave me greater understanding of the Word - Kevin Fleming, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Evansville IN